Monday, January 12, 2015

Barcelona ...

I am in Barcelona this week. As exciting as it sounds on paper much of the next few days will be stuck in a office working out such enthralling topics like .. "How do we effectively move data from one system to another". I'm still trying to sneak in as much fun as I can ... I hit some the semi annual sales happening around the city yesterday. I scored a cute pair of earrings from a little shop on the twisting side streets in La Raval District. I am totally forgoing my New Years diet to indulge in mussels and dessert at lunch and dinner ( I'll get back on track next week!)
Ill post a full recap of my trip next week but for now enou these tidbits ...

Sunday, January 4, 2015

When in New England

Marc and I headed to New England to see our families over the holidays.  It was a whirlwind tour as it always is when you try to squeeze so much in over the course of a week.  It was nice to go home and take a break from the daily grind.  I ate way too much food, slept in, and tried to soak in as much time back "home" ... below are some snippets from our time up north.

Shots around my parent's house

Hiking around the Rhode Island coast

Newport... after filling our yaps with clam chowder and heavy beer!

Antiquing around Templeton. So many good finds; if only I could have fit everything in my suitcase!

Now it is back to normal. Time to stop eating 5,000 calories a day and finishing each day with a cocktail.

Here is to a Happy 2015!