Thursday, March 6, 2014

5 Things .

So its been over 6 months since Marc and I moved. We officially are Florida residents now with a new license plate to prove it. It's been a big adjustment from Boston, but I can say that over time the list of pros about living down have been accumulating  Here are five things I love about Miami ... in no particular order.


1 - Publix - Yes, a grocery store has made the list. Publix is a Florida chain of grocery stores. We are lucky enough to live within walking distance to a newly renovated one. I had never stepped foot in Publix before being down here but now if we ever move back up to New England, I will miss it terribly! They have a really good bakery (where else can you get half of a key lime pie?!), a great assortment of natural and organic foods mixed in with regular items and you don't have to fork over your entire pay check like you do at Whole Foods. I have recently formed an addiction to their Ranch Rice Cakes. You can also get empanadas which brings me to number two.

2- Empanadas everywhere - A little pastry filled with meat and spices, yes please. I liked empanadas when I lived in Boston but it was a rare occurrence to get one... here getting an empanada is as easy as getting a chocolate frosted donut from Dunkin' ... I can count on two hands spots I could get them in my neighborhood, they are usually around a dollar and are a perfect breakfast, lunch, or snack. mmm ... 

My whole list isn't food but I could easily write a post all about the great eats down here 

3- The Beach - Of course I have to include the beach on my list of things I love about Miami! I never thought I would live within walking distance from a beach never mind a beach that I can go to year round. I sometimes have to remind myself how lucky we are to be living down here and even it is isn't forever what a great experience it is! Whenever I am in a bad mood or feeling stressed, a quick walk to the beach helps clear my head. 

4- No One Gives a ....  - New Englanders are not really well known for their go-with the flow attitude. Rules are meant to be followed and order must be attained. Here, it seems that rules are merely suggestions. This can be frustrating when you are say behind the wheel and the car in front of you passes 3 lanes to exit the highway without using their blinker BUT when you out of the car the overall "who cares" vibe is kind of freeing. Especially when it comes to clothing, I love knowing that no matter what I have one no one will blink an eye because there is most likely wearing something with 3/4 less fabric, or 2020202 more rhinestones. It has been a lot of fun to experiment blending my preppy New England style with a more boho beach style ... I mean, would I own a pair of Bermuda print pants if I still lived up north? The answer is most likely no. 

5- "Winter" - Marc and I picked the right winter to get out of dodge. I missed hunkering down for snow storms for the first storm or two but I got over it. Below zero temps, pasty dry skin, snow, slush, ice ... ehhh. The fact that winter down here is like the perfect summer day in Maine is incredible. So when are you all coming to visit!? 

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