Monday, December 9, 2013

Life Lately

I apologize for the radio silence, between the holidays and starting a new job I have been pretty busy but I realize I miss sharing on this little blog for the 1 or 2 people who follow might along!

It's December and I am in Miami ... something I never thought would be the case ... I sat on the beach today and listened to Christmas music, I wear flip flops most days, and I have a tan. Its odd I can't wrap my head around it it does not seem to be right. All of a sudden Bing Crosby signing "white christmas" makes perfect sense!  The weather is awesome but I am missing the New England holiday season, I am missing the first snow storms and trudging around Boston with its narrow streets to get together with old friends in old apartments that have seen holidays for years on end. 

Anyways ... I am trying to find the positive in being far away in the unfamiliar. I am looking for new traditions and telling myself that is pretty awesome there is no such thing as "winter weight" for me this year. 

Here are some photos of whats going on, I am trying to keep my instagram feed to a minimum of shots of sunsets and white sand beaches so as not to turn into one of "those people" but I am accumulating quite a lot ... which I might share on here from time to time ...

This does not make sense ... it's December!

Cozy Christmas you almost forget its 80 degrees

The Beatles performed on the Ed Sullivan Show in a hotel down the street from us and then swam the pool
we played tourist last week and visited Vizcaya, an old mansion on Biscayne Bay
you can wear neon green in December in Miami
My new work commute

Food, Friends, and Drinks on Thanksgiving

Sapotes was included in our CSA this week, wtf is a sapote?! Apparently their seeds can be roasted and taste like chocolate ... sounds good to me!

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