Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Different Side of Miami

The bar the The Federal - covered in old timey advertisements
When Marc and I decided to move to Miami my mind went where everyone's goes when they first think of the Magic City: flashy, touristy, and plastic.  After being here for three months though I realize there is a whole other side to the city which is full of farmers markets, amazing fresh produce, and a burgeoning local food scene.  Last night Marc and I went to The Federal, a small restaurant in The MIMO District that focuses on local food.  You would never know it was there, located in a small strip mall next to a Baskin Robbins  but once you walk in past the patio and homemade smoker you are a cozy little spot that seems miles away from the grittiness and neon signed hotels of Biscayne Blvd.  We went for a Happy Hour sponsored by Slow Food Miami a group that creates community and school gardens and helps to promote and support the local food scene and the numerous growers and artisans within it. Any event where I can help support such a vital organization while drinking beer and eating homemade chicken nuggets and deviled eggs with pulled pork on top is a win in my book.   Marc and I were drooling over the menu and already mapped out what we are going to eat when we come back for our next visit.  

Another cool thing we doing is a CSA. I am still wrapping my head around the fact that the
growing season  is the opposite of New England and that the good stuff is going to start coming out soon. Starting at the end of November and going until May we are getting a weekly CSA. I cannot wait to start seeing the fresh produce and different fruits we get every week!  Tons of Farmers Markets are popping up too. There is one particular one I enjoy going to because besides food there is a guy sells the most amazing vintage clothes for cheap ... that is where I got this awesomely loud dress for 15 dollars!


We pick it up our CSA at this awesome little butcher shop near Marc's school called Proper Sausages. They make the most amazing sausage I have ever had. My mouth is watering thinking about the Blue Cheese and Fig sausage I had the other week.  They carry a bunch of local items such as farm fresh eggs, game meat, and beer and wine. 

My post is turning into a novel so I am going to end it here, I could talk about food all day.  It has been fun exploring this side of Miami and I hope to find even more local spots the longer we are down here.

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