Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Miami Holiday ...

I heard it is snowing back up in New England. I know if i was living up there I would be cursing the fact that winter is starting it's long stay already feeling pale and patchy skinned but part of me is missing that "first snow" and the holiday vibe that it brings with it! This year I have decided being in such a different spot I need to rethink how I decorate for the holidays. I can't bring myself to buy a tree knowing it was probably cut down today from Canada and drove down here so I am going total 1960's Miami bling. I want the tackiest, whitest tree I can find and i want to fill it with colored lights, vintage bulbs, and maybe even tinsel.

some inspo below ...


 Marc and I are heading up north for Christmas but we are staying down here for Thanksgiving. It will be the first Thanksgiving not in New England.  We are going to have a "Friendsgiving" at one of the other professors house and I am looking forward to this new tradition. I also decided I am going to run this the morning of.

Holidays for me are always deep rooted in traditions and nostalgia and I am excited to mix the old and new this year and to get my hands on a tacky white tree!!

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