Friday, November 22, 2013

Apartment Progress

I have been neglectful this week ... a lot going on so instead of my usual vintage friday post here is a real one on some apartment updates ...

It is going on five months since we moved to Miami, FIVE MONTHS, almost a half of a year. I can't believe it. I feel like we were just starting to plan the move yesterday.  Our apartment is slowly coming together but lately I am feeling stuck. It doesn't feel as homey as my old place and I can't figure out what is missing.

This is what we started with ....

 and here are some shots as it stands today ...

It's a big improvement from August but on the whole it still doesn't feel done. I know, I know, homes are always a work in progress but I feel like I am having a decorating identity crisis. This is partly due to being in such a new space and partly because I read way too many house blogs and look at pinterest a little too often. I like so many styles I can't figure out how to combine them or decide on just one. Do I want the apartment to feel beachy, modern, kitschy, clean and bright, all of the above?! ahh too many choices. Also I don't want to do anything major since I am not sure how long Marc and I will be living in this spot (the walk to the beach might keep us for a bit though!)  To help me try to organize my thoughts I decided to take a page from Young House Love and create a list of what I want to update and do. here we go.

Kitchen - probably the most "Done" of all of the rooms just due to the fact its small and 3/4 of it are taken up by cupboards and counters. 

  • Frame my grandmother's calories hankerchief to add to the wall
  • look into removable wallpaper for an accent wall

Living and Dining Room - This space is giving me the hardest time because it's so large and such a switch from my old apartment in Fordham Street.

  • Order a new rug for the living room - this is done, I ordered one this morning woo hoo.
  • Move sisal rug from living room to under dining room table
  • Finish gallery wall along the guest bath wall and create a gallery wall behind the TV ala Emily Henderson in the image below.
  • Re-upholster my yard sale rocking chair 
  • Add some plants 
  • Add curtains to slider?

Master Bedroom / Bath
  • Add a headboard, either fabric or salvaged wood from the same guy who made our dining room table and sideboard
  • Add curtains
  • Add some more art to the walls
Guest Room/ Office This room right now is a hodge podge of left overs/a bed/ a desk it needs the most help but will probably get looked at last
  • Add some art or pictures to the white wall
  • Buy a larger rug
  • Add curtains  
  • Figure out a way to make it a bit more welcoming when guests come ( I have a feeling with winter's arrival up north we will be having an influx of visitors soon!) 
  • Add some small chairs for lounging.
  • look into an outdoor rug 
  • buy some old crates or shelving for our growing tropical plant collection 

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