Monday, November 4, 2013

The To Do List: Bars

It has not been too long since we have moved down here. Some days it feels like an eternity and others I feel like I have been on an extended vacation and I forget I am actually "home".

Marc and I have a laundry list of places to check out. I get stressed thinking I haven't seen enough of this city but then I tell myself ... I have lots of time to explore and discover things around these parts. I'll be sharing some of our favorite spots every so often as well as a place we still need to check out ... let's start with the good stuff, the bars.

So Far ...

Favorite Bar - Lou' s Beer Garden

A beer garden, alongside a pool, within walking distance, and it has Narragansett??? yes please! 

When Marc and I were deciding where to live we were always looking at cool bars and restaurants near by, when we finally decided on North Beach (which BTW is apparently the best neighborhood in Miami Dade!) we were happy to see it was within walking distance to Lou's.  We went our first night and have been back countless times since. A laid back atmosphere, good cocktails, and a beer list a mile long. 

Honorable mention - Cafe Prima Pasta, another walkable bar with an awesome bartender named Henry. It's old school Italian dishes and decor make you forget you are in Miami for a second then someone walks in with huge fake boobs and a bandage dress or you take a look at the pictures on the wall and see the countless celebs who have been patrons over the years.

Need to try ... The Broken Shaker. 

Apparently the Broken Shaker is like Drink back up in Boston, but it's vibe is less lab like and more Miami grandma's backyard.  Apparently you can sip craft cocktails and play lawn games, Marc and I need to bite the bullet and head down to South Beach to check it out but we seem to always get lazy when we have so many spots to hang out right in our backyard.

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